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Internet Marketing Solutions

Thank you for visiting our web site. We help our clients to promote their business on Internet. Consumers are searching for your products/services on search engines. We can help you to exploit this opportunity with effective internet marketing strategy. You can rely on us for every aspect related to Internet marketing. We will assist you with registering the domain name, designing, developing & hosting the web site, branding, creating and managing advertising campaigns. You will save time and reap greater returns on your investment with our all in one service approach centered around marketing. Each and every staff member involved with our clients will take absolute responsibility in their personal capacity. We are a corporation on paper but people in action, to serve the interests of our clients in the best possible way.

Our goals for every project

Creating an effective online presence

Generating genuine traffic to your web site

Converting site visitors to customers

Why us

Save Time

We will co-ordinate the tasks of all professionals working on your project. You can leave the technical responsibilities on us and focus on your current business operations. The work of designers, developers, copy writers and SEO marketing professionals will concurrently progress and reduce the time between the commencement of production to the point of delivery.

Fixed Prices

We make it easy for our clients by quoting fixed prices for our services. We charge to get the job done and not for the hours spent on the computer.

Avoid opportunity costs

We ensure that your web site will be ready to bank on every opportunity at any time. To avoid any loss of business opportunities, we ensure that your web site will be up and running 24 hours a day 365 days a year without any interruption. We will make sure that your web site will be fully accessible on all devices (desktops, android devices, iPhone and iPad)making it easy for your potential customers to get information without any issues. Your web site will be safe and secure from harmful viruses and unethical hackers for uninterrupted sales on your web site.

Higher return investments

We do not look at internet marketing as a business expenditure but as a capital investment. We aim at reaping tangible results for your investment by implementing the right solutions to bring more customers to your business from Internet.


We build long term business relationships with our clients. We provide on going maintenance services and reliable support by email and phone. Although we will manage every aspect of your web site, we will provide reliable support by phone and email to address any queries and problems.

About us

Neond internet marketing servicesNeonD is an Internet Marketing Company based in Hyderabad city, India. Our company was started in 2009 as a Web hosting service provider with data centers in Sweden, UK and USA. We have reached thousands of customers through Internet marketing, keeping our costs low and reaping higher returns on our investments. We intend to extend our marketing expertise to promote your business beyond the geographical boundaries and also to further exploit the local opportunities through Internet.

Our team includes designers, developers, copy writers, server admins and marketing experts. Our marketing team will create advertising campaigns, monitor the performance of each campaign, plan the course of action and change according to market environment to reap high returns on your investment.

The tasks of all professionals involved will be co-ordinated in the best possible way to achieve the following goals:

  • Creating impressive and effective online presence
  • Generating genuine traffic
  • Converting site visitors to customers

We are looking to forge long term partnerships with our clients and continuously work towards increasing the size of our client’s business through Internet. Our business plan for growth is to ensure our client’s success. By success, we mean continuous rate of growth in sales. As your business grows so will ours 🙂

Although every project involves multiple professionals, you will not be required to communicate with every individual. You will receive direct communication from our Lead designer Benjamin.

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