Why do you need a comprehensive approach to Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing can take your business to next level. To take advantage of this potential to the fullest extent, your business needs a comprehensive approach to Internet Marketing. Without a comprehensive approach the potential growth for your business will be limited. This approach will require equal attention to all the following elements:

Web hosting

In a situation when someone visiting your website after clicking your ads on Google, if the website is not online because of some server issues then the money invested on designing, developing and search engine marketing will never bring the desired results. To avoid this kind of situations, it is best to choose the website hosting service provider based on the quality of the service rather than the low prices. A good hosting service provider will take good security measures for their network to avoid hackers and viruses.


Content should deliver the intended message to the website visitor. If the content is too long then the visitors may not have enough time or patience to read it. If it is too short then the website visitor may not get sufficient information. There needs to be a right balance between quality and quantity of the information in any page. The choice of words should be simple and understandable to the target audience so that the website visitors do not need to google to understand each word.

Information architecture

The flow of information within a webpage and throughout the website should be organized in order to simplify finding the information and give a better understanding of your products/services to the potential customers.
Lack of Information Architecture implementation will make it difficult for the visitors to find the information they need. This will increase the time spent for looking the information and also increase frustration of the website visitors, which will affect your business sales in the end.


The visual appeal is as important as accessibility. Websites should be accessible in all browsers and devices to ensure that the design will be as much effective regardless of the browser or the device. If your website looks great on computers but not in iOS or Android devices then you may loose first time visitors browsing your website from their smart phones. Every website needs to be designed to work in smartphones as growing number of users are using their smartphones to browse internet. Overlooking the potential customers using smart phones will be a mistake as it will cause huge loss of sales opportunities.
Websites that load faster get preferential listing with search engines compared to relatively slower websites. If you want to be on top of your competitors in search listings then your website should load faster. The website loading speed is beneficial to increase the search listings besides giving the user a pleasant experience in browsing through your website. Websites that never get listed search engines may never be useful in reaching new customers. Websites that take forever to load will encourage the visitors to leave the website.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the best way to get new customers for your business. The success of Search engine marketing will depend on the content and the information architecture. Several business owners are mislead into buying inbound links which do not bring genuine traffic as they are posted in places they are not supposed to be. Some companies are also selling direct traffic, paying for such services will bring traffic to your website but it will be only of bots, not your potential customers. Ineffective implementation of search engine optimization will be a waste of time and money. Any unethical implementation by the SEO specialists will only cause harm to your website by getting it black listed in search engines. It is important that you prefer only genuine implementation of the Search Engine Marketing. Avoid the SEO services that promise page ranking, link building and traffic generation without any real plan. Ineffective link building is an unnecessary expense. When search engine marketing specialists aim beyond the means, they will successfully achieve the marketing goals for your business.

All the above elements contribute to the success of Internet Marketing for your business. With a comprehensive approach and attention to each of these elements, your business can reach to new heights in marketing. It is our vision to help businesses with this comprehensive approach so that you will reap high returns on your investment.

Posted On: 01st Oct 2013

Category: Internet Marketing

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  1. Mohammed says:

    I agree with your views but you did not mention anything about Social media.

    • Benjamin Gunday says:

      You’re right Mohammed. I have intentionally gave it a miss. Social media marketing is still evolving and not suitable for all start up companies with limited budget.

  2. Samuel says:

    I paid $40 per month to one SEO company. I got around 2000 hits per month but I failed to get any customers from my website. Now I know that those visitors are just bots.