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Apache is an open source web server software. Most of the shared hosting services use Apache web server.
Also known as data transfer in relation to web hosting. Data transfer is the aggregate amount of data transferred between the web site server and the web site visitors’ computers. Bandwidth/data transfer is usually measured in gigabytes or terabytes.
Cloud hosting:

It facilitates provisioning of application processing load to different servers located across different regions. It is useful to balance peak web site traffic, running advanced applications and managing different servers for each region.
Content Management System:
Content Manage System software helps you manage the site content without requiring you to write a single line of code. The CMS softwares come with optional plugins which add functionality to the site without reinventing the wheel and saving both time and costs involved with developing such features. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular CMS softwares.
Control Panel:
It is a graphic user interface to manage your hosting account. It enables you to manage files, access server logs, configure emails, manage databases, creating and maintaing FTP accounts with different privileges etc.
Data center:
It is a facility with complete infrastructure to power and utilize several computers. Although the servers are physically located in one place, they can be accessed and managed through Internet.
Dedicated IP:
Shared hosting accounts share a common IP address of its server. You may need dedicated IP address for installing SSL certificates in order to accept credit card payments.
Dedicated Server:
Server that is exclusively available for your web site(s).
It stands for Distributed Naming System. It is a database of domain names representing IP addresses of web sites. DNS translates the domain name with the IP address in its records to locate the web site.
Domain name:
It is a unique string of characters (names) to represent an IP address of the web site server. Domain names are easier to remember than numerical IP addresses of the web sites.
Drupal is an open source content management system developed in php. The standard version is called Drupal core. Modules are available to add additional features beyond the core feautres. The front end HTML/css templates used for this CMS are referred as Drupal themes.
File Transfer Protocol is built to upload/download files between client’s computer and the servers. It also enables clients to manage the files on the server from their computer.
Google Adsense:
Adsense is a program created by Google to provide opportunity for web site owners to generate revenue by placing Ads relevant to the content of their web sites.
Google Adwords:
Adwords program is for web site owners who wish to get their site listed in search engines for specific keywords related to their products and services. Adwords users can also choose to advertise their web site on other web sites. The web sites available for displaying ads are commonly referred as display network.
.htaccess is a configuration file in Apache server. It enables to restrict acces to specific users, creating search engine friendly URLs and caching web pages to save bandwidth.
Information architecture:
In relation to the web sites, it is the organization and presentation of information in order to make it easy for the users to find the info within the website.
Joomla is an open source CMS. The standard functions include user management, contact management, search, menu manager etc. Additional features can be added by installing plugins, components and modules.
It stands of Linux Apache MySql Php. It is the most popular software bundle used for web hosting.
Linux is an open source operating system. 90% of the servers run on Linux operating system.
Open source software used for database.
In relation to web sites, it refers to regular publication of content related to a specific topic published and delivered via E-mail to the subscribers.
PayPal is an online payment system. It enables web site owners to accept online payments from paypal users and credit/debit card users.
It is a server side scripting languaged designed for developing web sites.
Pop 3 and IMAP are two different protocols to retrive emails from the server to the mail client (Outlook, Apple mail, Thunderbird etc). By default, emails retrieved to the mail client from the server using POP 3 protocol will automatically delete the emails stored in servers. IMAP keeps a copy of the mails on the server after retrieving messages to the mail client unless explicitily deleted.
Readable code/Clean code
The code written in a way that makes it easy for other developers to understand the code. A general principle is to write the code in logical heirarchies and provide comments on each section of the code with sufficient info. Writing clean code is also beneficial for the developers when the code needs to be edited in future. Writing clean code ensures that future updates will be easy to make and require less time to study the code again.
Responsive design
Design that is flexible and adapatable to different browsers sizes and devices (PC, iphone, iPad etc.).
Root access
Root access provides complete control over the server.
RSS is used to publish frequently updated info on web sites. RSS feeds will enable to you to catch up with latest info posted on your favorite web sites. The info will be published in uniform format in different browsers and devices.
Semi dedicated server
A portion of the server resources dedicated to your web sites. Semi dedicated hosting is suitable for clients with multiple web sites and high traffic. It is the best choice for the web site owners who do not need the maximum resources of a server.
Shared hosting
Multiple web site owners share the resources of a single server. It is an affordable hosting services for small scale web sites.
SMTP server
SMTP server protocol is used to transfer the mails from your email server to the destination server of the recipient email.
SPF protection
It is possible to send messages from your email without login details by using scripting language. SPF protection enables you to avoid such situations. With SPF protection, only your server can send the emails.
SSL certificate
SSL certificate ensures protection of sensitive data being transmitted from the users of the web site. Credit card payments on web sites is one such example. SSL certificate is required for processing credit card payments on web sites.
Top-level Domains are on top of heiarchy of domains in the DNS record. Some of the popular TLDs are .com, .org, .biz etc. Some TLDs are used for specific purposes i.e. org for non-profit institutions, .biz for businesses etc. Some TLDs are also used for specific countries such as for United Kingdom, for India etc.
WordPress – Themes, Plugins, Widgets
WordPress is the most popular CMS. Themes are used for presenting the content on the site. Plugins add functions beyond core WordPress features i.e. newsletter, shopping cart etc.