What is your pricing policy
We provide fixed price quotes for all projects. The starting price for internet marketing is $4,500.
Do you provide support by phone or email
You will receive communication via phone and email depending on your preference.
Do you offer content writing
Our services include content writing. Existing web sites with content may be edited.
How many days will it take to create the web site
It will take one month to create your web site.
Will my site work on mobile phones
We give priority to accessibility across different platforms and devices. Your site will work on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
What are the payment terms
Payments are accepted in two installments. The first installment should be paid in advance. The balance amount should be paid upon completing the web site development.
Do you offer logo designing
Yes, we offer custom logos for your web site.
How will you sell my products/services
We run advertising campaigns on Google. We will implement effective workflow of the user activity, from clicking your ads to buying/booking your products/services.
Do you charge maintenance fee
Yes, we charge maintenance fee for keeping your site secure and update the softwares whenever required.
Do I need to buy a server
No, we will provide hosting for your web site. Depending on your requirements, we may suggest signing up for dedicated server.
Do you build ecommerce web sites
Do you provide link building services
Unlike other SEO marketing companies, we discourage ineffective link building which is achieved by posting spam messages on various site’s comments section. We will build only

legitimate links.

How should I make payments
Payments can be made using credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.
Do you have a refund policy
All orders are final, there will be no refunds.
Do you register domain name? Which domain name should I choose? Which TLD is the best options
Yes, we will register the domain in your name. After initial consultation, we will suggest you the domain names. We recommend .com TLDs.
Do you offer web hosting
How can you generate traffic
We generate traffic to your web site with SEO and PPC campaigns on Google.
How do you turn visitors into customers
By creating a strong online presence, implementing tried and tested branding methodologies and organizing the content using Information Architecture.
Do you build links
Our main aim is not to build links but to generate genuine traffic to your web site and convert that traffic into sales.
Do you create responsive designs
Yes, we implement responsive designs to all web sites.
I have a flash website, can you redesign the site
Yes we can redesign your flash web site in static html or dynamic site. If you prefer, we will retain the look and feel of the current website or create a new design from scratch.
Which HTML and CSS versions do you use
We use HTML 5 and CSS3 for all web sites.
Do you develop web sites in WordPress
Yes, we develop websites in WordPress.
I need a custom WordPress plugin and resolve issues with existing plugins, can you hep
We can help you with resolving the issues with the plugin and develop the new plugin. Please provide the requirements for the new plugin and the details of the existing plugin.
I have a static web site (HTML site), can you help me move the site to WordPress or Joomla or Drupal
Can you develop web sites on IIS server
Do you offer web hosting package? What is the starting price
Yes, we offer web hosting. The starting price is $100/year for shared hosting account.
Do you register domain names in my (company) name
We will register the domain name in your name (or company’s name) so that you can have complete control over it.