Anytime some content is uploaded to a cloud hosting account or downloaded from it, some traffic is produced which is an aspect that every single hosting package comes with. It's furthermore one of the features you should check out, since what amount of traffic quota you'll need depends upon what exactly you need the account for. The web site traffic is mainly produced by downloads including site visits. Basically, every time someone visits your web site, the webpages are downloaded from the server on his/her computer and they're subsequently displayed by their internet browser. It's also important to know that uploads are considered too, therefore when you transfer bigger files from your pc to the server, some website traffic will be generated too. Different providers can have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, yet all of them apply to the very same thing - the total amount of incoming and outgoing info created for a period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

Considering how powerful all of our dedicated web hosting plans are, the data transfer that you will receive every month will be enough for any type of website whatever the amount of its visitors, even if you provide file or image hosting. You'll receive an allowance of terabytes of website traffic each month and due to the fact that you will not share the server with anyone else, that quota will be available just for your websites and web apps. We will inform you whenever you reach 90% of the allowance which means that you can react and either optimize your web sites to lessen the traffic they make, or increase your limit. It is highly unlikely that you'll ever require more than what we'll offer you, however we will not limit the development of your web sites, so we leave the option to add extra website traffic open. The dedicated server packages include a control panel where you will be able to see what amount of site traffic has been generated so far for the present month and how much is left until you get to the limit. Considering the fact that these figures contain software setups and updates, they are more correct than any hosting Control Panel statistics that include only the traffic generated by web sites.