Varnish is a web accelerator platform, which caches information for quicker access. It’s sometimes referred to as a caching HTTP reverse proxy as well and it works between a web server and a web browser. When a visitor loads a specific webpage, its content is requested by the Internet browser, and then the web server processes this browser request and returns the requested info. If Varnish is enabled for a specific website, it will cache the pages on the first request and if the visitor accesses a cached page once again, the information will be delivered by the accelerator platform and not by the web server. The increased load speed is an end result of the substantially faster response time that the Varnish platform offers as compared to any server software. At the same time, this does not mean that the users will continue being served the very same content again and again, as any change on any of the pages is reflected in the content that the Varnish platform caches in its system memory.

Varnish in Dedicated Servers

When you need a powerful website hosting solution and you purchase one of the dedicated web hosting plans offered by us, you will be able to use the Varnish data caching platform to enhance the performance of your sites at no extra cost as long as the dedicated machine is ordered with our next-gen Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Its intuitive interface will enable you to monitor platform processes, to clear the cached files or to reboot any instance with one mouse click. The minimum amount of system memory that the Varnish platform can employ to cache site content is 3 GB, which is quite enough for a huge number of resource-heavy sites, so your dedicated server will be able to handle a tremendous load while your Internet site visitors are having a smooth browsing experience. Since your server will include a number of dedicated IPs, you will be able to use Varnish’s full capacity.