VPN, which refers to Virtual Private Network, is a way of connecting to a remote hosting server and being able to access online content through it instead of doing it directly. Basically, the server acts as a proxy, so as long as you have a VPN client on your pc or smartphone and you enter the necessary login info to be able to connect to the server, you could browse internet sites or download files that you may not be able to access at all directly. Some sites and online services, for instance, are available just in certain countries, so in the event that you aren't able to access them, you'll be able to use a Virtual private network, or a hosting machine, which is located in that country. That way it will appear as if you're accessing the service/website from the country and you can bypass the restrictions. There are businesses which offer VPNs as an individual service, but we have decided to offer the service with our web hosting plans, so if you host your internet sites on our web servers, you'll be able to leverage the Virtual private network access that we provide totally free.

VPN Traffic in Dedicated Servers

The VPN access comes with all dedicated web hosting plans set up with the state-of-the-art Hepsia Control panel and once your hosting server is set up and you log in, you'lldiscover a section dedicated to this service where you could find the login details which you need in order to be able to connect to our Virtual private network system. This includes not only the username and the password, but also a long list of servers around the globe which you can employ as an access point and make it look as if you are in Europe, North America, and so forth. As all of your Internet traffic shall pass through the server you've selected, we have also included a special filter in Hepsia, which you'll be able to enable when you want to block ad banners and compress the other pictures on the websites that you visit. This way you shall enjoy faster loading speeds and will save some traffic. Our VPN service will enable you to use any online content no matter if it's available just in selected countries or if your local Internet provider blocks it for some reasons.