Memcached is a data caching platform, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years because of its efficiency. It’s used to cache calls and responses between a database and the app that is using it, which can boost the performance of your site and reduce the produced server load substantially. Every time a web page on an application-powered website is opened, the application connects to the database and "asks" what info should be shown, and then extracts it. With Memcached, these procedures are omitted, since the platform has already cached all of the content that should appear on a specific web page. When any content is changed, the Memcached content is updated as well, so the site visitors will never end up seeing outdated data. The platform is an excellent option for every site that has a lot of visitors, since it will make it truly fast and will enhance the overall user experience.

Memcached in Dedicated Servers

If you get any of our dedicated web hosting plans and if you choose Hepsia as your hosting Control Panel at signup, you will get the Memcached caching platform by default and you can use it with any Internet site that you host on your server without upgrading or installing anything. It will start caching information as people visit your Internet site, so you will see the effect of using it soon after that. The minimum amount of system memory that will be available to the Memcached platform is 3 gigabytes and naturally, the more powerful the package, the more system memory Memcached will have at its disposal. This amount will enable you to use the platform for plenty of Internet sites or for an extremely popular site without compromising its effectiveness. Memcached will enable you to optimize the speed of any database-driven website very quickly – a Joomla portal, a WordPress online blog, an OpenCart store, etcetera, and to boost the performance of your dedicated server.