A data center can be explained as a sophisticated warehouse for servers. This is a facility which holds a large number of web servers used by businesses for storing data and files or for performing computation services at a large scale. Internet hosting, search engines and big social networks are just several examples of the services that need data centers for their servers as they cannot operate on just one machine. The facilities deal with the temperatures, humidity, electrical power and connection backups in order to ensure the most efficient and consistent operation of all hosting servers stored there. All data centers have 24/7 monitoring and minimize the access to the machines in order to make sure that the machines are secure all of the time. The quality of any Internet service you get usually depends not simply on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

If you need a lot of computing power for your sites and you acquire one of the dedicated server packages we offer you, you'll be able to capitalize on the wonderful service which our Chicago-based data center delivers. The Colohouse facility is where our dedicated servers are housed and hosting your websites there shall allow you to reach the whole North American continent with ease. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with a number of large cities in the region and even over the Atlantic ensure the great access speeds to your web content. Your hosting server will never be inaccessible because it shall have its own highly effective UPS unit that'll keep it working until 1.5 MW diesel power generators start working in case there is a power failure. The 24/7 hosting server maintenance crew will react very fast in the event that there is any problem with your server and we have spare parts and whole backup servers in the facility, so your websites shall be up and running no matter what.