When you obtain a new cloud hosting plan, it is generated on a server and the overall process typically takes a while, in addition to the verification and processing of your payment, which a lot of companies make manually. When you order a dedicated server, for example, the configuration takes even longer as the unit needs to be assembled, set up and tried in order to guarantee that it'll operate the right way. That's why, a large number of suppliers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts used on your brand new account. The fee, which can sometimes be high, is generally not mentioned on the front page, and you will see it on your checkout or payment page, so you will not be aware of it before you have already gone through the entire signup process and you can even miss it unless you pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated web hosting plans are devoid of any setup or other concealed fees. Throughout the signup process, you shall pay only the regular monthly price for the plan that you have selected. Once you submit your order, we'll build and try your brand new machine, and then we will install all the software that you need to have a completely functional server - OS, hosting Control Panel in case you've chosen one, web server, MySQL, etc. All of these tasks are part of the package and they are provided cost-free, thus the registration payment and all your forthcoming renewal payments will be identical. If the server features our in-house built Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you already have a shared website hosting account through us, we will even transfer all of your content on your new server for free.