If you need to develop a professionally looking website, but you do not have much experience and are not absolutely sure what program to employ, it may help if your Internet hosting company provides an Internet site installer tool. Unlike the popular program installers which are essentially just a group of scripts, a site installer will help you to pick the most suitable application depending on the type of website which you wish to develop. This will save you the time and work to check whether a particular script will get the job done or not. Only a handful of firms provide Internet site installers, but should you have such a tool available, you could start your online presence fast and easy. What you will get will be a ready-to-use site that you'll be able to begin customizing according to your taste and requirements using the back office of the newly set up app.

Website Installer in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server plans are suitable for users with various levels of experience without compromising the level of the service or the possibilities you shall have when it comes to the quality of the sites you can run, so in case you're not quite tech-savvy, but would still like to have professionally-looking popular websites, you'll be able to opt for a hosting server with our intuitive Hepsia CP. The latter comes with an easy-to-use site installer that'll enable you to set up a website in three basic steps through point-and-click interface. Select a domain, choose what type of site you need and a template for it, input the login details you will use for the website back office and you'll be good to go. We offer a huge selection of first class templates to select from totally free of charge, so saving money on web design services will not mean compromising the standard of your websites in the slightest.